Backstories to The Colors of Emily


Facts by Author Michael Arnold – aka M.T. Arnold:

* The Colors of Emily was originally named “Reflection” – However, after meeting a blind girl named Emily, I renamed the manuscript/script “The Colors of Emily”.

* After losing three family members, I retreated to New Harmony Indiana in late 2013 and it was there where I began writing notes on a napkin about the story. I dedicated the writing to my sister Linda, an artist, who had recently passed away. The dedication of her life carried forward to inspire and drive me to complete the story process from napkin to distribution. RIP Linda Darlene Arnold

* The story was originally written as taking place in a small southern town. Planning was for Beaufort SC to be the town. But since New Harmony held so many great locations and memories, we decided to make it the core town for Filming – the manuscript and script were changed to reflect the location.

* True! We got knocked off set by a Tornado on day one – Oct 13, 2014. It served to bring us all closer as we gathered in two tiny restrooms for two hours while the Tornado blew through – that doesn’t happen everyday, or with every movie – well, maybe Twister.

* The Old Man in the filmed, John Legna – played by David Ross – was named after a real person in my life talked about in my autobiography, ‘The Fire Catcher’ from where this website was named after. John means Love and Legna is Angel spelled backwards. You can’t make this stuff up!

* Our Lead actress, Jenn Gotzon, was scheduled for a sequel to the movie – called Kate’s Walk – it was where she would marry her love interest in the film, Jacob Walls, played by Jim Chandler – the sequel has never happened, but the real life wedding did as Jenn is now Jenn Gotzon Chandler. Got to love that!

* Interesting to note is that the paintings in the movie are done by real artist. I wasn’t sure on who to use as artist, so I visited art stores and art festivals during the winter of 2013 and Spring of 2014 – yet,I always had a pretty good idea on the style of painting to be used, and wanted them all to be females. Instead of of instructing the artist as to what to paint, they were provided a chapter to select from. Each chapter of the manuscript contained Emily describing a painting, or presenting one, so the artist painting what they perceived Emily to be seeing, providing a nice third perspective on the scene. I found these artist from all over, first was the great artist Judith Powers of Mt. Vernon In. Judith had attended one of my book signings, so God’s timing was perfect. She’s an amazing artist.  Judith’s beautiful panting of the ‘Burton House’ in the film, is spectacular and Emily calls it her best work.

Another great artist we’re proud to feature is Kyle Eckert .  I actually met Kyle in New Harmony after attending a three day Paint-out called “A Fresh Brush of Spring” – she was one of hundreds of artist at the event and I was sitting on the curb looking at my art photos when she walked by – we said hello and God did the rest – I quickly discovered that Kyle was also a Christian and had interest in my vision for the story.  Her painting called “Hues of Hope” and the One called “Perception’ – in the film –  are beautiful pieces of work. Kyle, like Judith, is a Commissioned Artist with paintings sold and displayed worldwide.   I’m so happy I said hello to her that day.

We’ll soon have a list and photos of all our artist and their work here on this website. I think you’ll enjoy their work.
There are so many more facts and stories to be added – but for now we’re excited to have worldwide distribution on this movie where only God could inspire something so beautiful from a tragedy.


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